Building a Brand that Stands Out

A brand is more than just a logo and color scheme, it’s how customers feel about and perceive your company. Who are you as a brand? Why are you unique? How will your brand resonate with shoppers? Why should they pick you over your competitors? Nailing down these answers is a key part of building a solid brand strategy, which is essential for building a strong brand. Set your brand apart by defining (or refining) your brand strategy in our Building a Brand that Stands Out immersion training.

Whether you are starting up or scaling up, getting the fundamentals right can help you jump to the next level. Over three days, you’ll tackle your brand strategy in a fun and productive way alongside a group of peers while also receiving one-on-one time with your instructor, Brand Strategist, Katie Mleziva.

Who should enroll in this training? 

Food, beverage, and value-added farm founders, entrepreneurs, or marketing leaders of all stages who want an immersive experience to define (or refine) your brand strategy to help set your brand apart. Whether you are starting up or scaling up, getting the fundamentals right can help you get to the next level.  This work is fun and productive – it requires focused attention during all three days of our time together.

In this training, you will…

  • Define the key pieces of brand strategy using Katie’s Brand Strategy Streamlined Model: (1) Review competitor snapshot, (2) Create your ideal consumer profile, and (3) Company vision, advantages, pillars, and personality (4) brand story.
  • Align every area of your business around your strategy to deliver on your promises and build a cohesive brand.
  • Activate by identifying and prioritizing ways you will activate your brand strategy and bring it to life to set your brand apart.
  • Communicate your Brand Strategy Summary by sharing with your hosts from FFI and Real Food Brands as well as other participants to get feedback and build your network within the food industry.

What’s included?

  • 3 days of content as a group plus each day includes one-on-one time with Katie
  • Brand Check-up and a brief series of questions and exercises as prep-work to utilize throughout the training
  • Fillable workbook to define the brand strategy that will help your brand stand out and how to bring it to life
  • Contact information for other participants as well as hosts to stay connected during and after the training.
  • $100 towards continued work with Katie after the immersion training ends

Training Agenda


Upon registration receive a brief series of questions and exercises to help you think about your brand strategy and get you ready to dig in during your time with Katie.

Day 1 – Building Your Foundation

  • Documenting your Company Purpose, Vision & Values
  • Creating the Competitive Recap
  • Defining Your Ideal Consumer & Secondary Audiences
  • Homework – continue work on pieces not completed.

Day 2 – Creating Your Brand Identity/Value/Uniqueness  

  • Outlining your Competitive Advantages
  • Identifying Consumer Value (Pyramid & Benefit Ladder)
    • Brand Pillars
    • Personality
    • Story
  • Homework – continue to work on any pieces not complete

Day 3 – Tying It All Together

  • Brand Strategy Summary Presentations (includes work time and Q&A)
  • Peer mastermind session
  • Next Steps: Align & Activate

Optional Post-work

  • Leverage Katie! Participants of this immersion training will be offered $100 towards continued work with Katie. Also, check out her Real Food Brands podcast.
  • Leverage FFI! Reach out to us with any other “beyond branding” food business support through our consulting services, podcasts, Deep Dives, and more!

Upcoming Training Sessions

Sorry! No sessions of Building a Brand that Stands Out are currently scheduled. You can visit our training page to view our current slate of trainings.

About Your Instructor

Katie Mleziva is a Brand Strategist and host of the Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast. She has nearly 20 years of experience in Brand Management and Marketing across a range of popular brands from Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods to local startups. Katie is driven to help natural food company leaders create clearly defined brands so they can shake up shopping carts and get good food into the hands of more people.

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