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An agri-tourism enterprise is a farm that diversifies into selling not just farm products but farm experiences directly to consumers. The list of experiences that farms are offering is very diverse, ranging from pick-your-own operations and wineries that have been around for decades to retail stores, on-farm restaurants, farm folks schools and weddings.

Calculating Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Basics (For Farmers)

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Tight cash flow can be challenging, even for the most experienced grower. For a beginning farmer, however, a cash flow crunch can quickly become a disaster. An annual cash flow projection is a very useful tool for a farm. You plot out on a month-by-month basis when cash income will be received and when cash expenses will need to be paid.

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Pick Your Own

A Farmer’s Guide To A Pick-Your-Own Operation

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Producers interested in a Pick Your Own (PYO) farming business model should analyze whether or not market potential exists before developing the enterprise. Farmers should conduct a market analysis to determine if a potentially profitable market exists for their PYO.

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On-Farm Weddings

Entertainment Farming and Agri-Tourism

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Small diversified farms are ideally suited to agri-entertainment. The chief qualification for the rural landowner who expects to make a living from the land through agri-tourism is the desire and the ability to cater to tourists and meet their expectations of a farm visit.

Books or Guide about Business Models for businesses that are Growing and Scaling