13-Week Rolling Cash Flow: Forecasting & Debt

13-Week Rolling Cash Flow: Forecasting & Debt

This on-demand course features FFI Director, Tera Johnson, walking you through how to use FFI’s 13-week cash flow template. We encourage you to follow along with the video, it will make completing your own 13-week rolling cash flow forecast much simpler and faster. Plus you will learn how to use it for making business decisions.

These two supplemental documents support this course:

  1. 13-Week Cash Flow Template [Excel File]

We are offering this course for free as there is an immediate need for all businesses to manage their cash amid this pandemic. If you are a business, you need to put one of these together. If you are a consultant or technical assistance provider, get in touch with your clients and make sure they are putting one together and have the support and resources they need to do so.