Deep Dive: What Your Food Business Financial Statements Are Telling You

If you don’t understand your financial statements, you will pay the cost in unrecognized accounting problems, lost opportunities at profitability, and challenges raising capital.
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Understand Your Financial Statements, Transform Your Business

Most food entrepreneurs and managers don’t have formal training in accounting or finance, and many come to the sector motivated more by social impact than making money. However, if you don’t understand what your financial statements are saying about your business, you will pay the cost in unrecognized accounting problems, lost opportunities to make the company more profitable, and an inability to raise capital.

Getting comfortable with your financial statements can be transformational for your business and help you achieve the impact you are wanting in a financially sustainable manner.

This course covers all three of the primary financial statements:

  • The Income Statement (also called the Profit and Loss Statement, or “P&L”)
  • The Balance Sheet, and
  • The Cash Flow Statement

This course puts particular emphasis on common problems with food business financial statements and how funders of food and beverage businesses, like banks and investors, look at your financial statements to evaluate your business when making the decision to fund you. It includes 1 hour of video and 1 hour of other course content.