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You’re supporting and guiding food and farm entrepreneurs. You need partnerships and tools that increase your value while delivering on your mission.

Edible-Alpha® can partner with you to equip your organization and your team with live trainings and premium resources to help your organization better serve food and farm entrepreneurs.

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For Organizations

Bring A Financial Management Boot Camp To Your Entrepreneurs

Boots Financial Management Boot Camp

The bar is higher than ever before. Our boot camps help your clients develop:

  • A realistic and clear business model path that they can articulate to anyone who asks
  • Financial systems and reports that will stand up to scrutiny by banks and investors
  • A credible business plan with realistic assumptions about future growth
  • A digital financial package to share with their stakeholders and support their fundraising

Edible-Alpha® can deliver high quality training and consulting to your clients and get them on the path to being capital ready. They show up with their financial statements and we take it from there.

Provide Professional Development Through Consultant Trainings

Equip Your Staff With The Skills To Specialize in Food and Fundraising

Our consultant trainings will help your team learn how to help their clients:

  • Optimize their business model for profitability
  • Develop a realistic financial plan and capital structure to support their growth
  • Navigate the process of raising appropriate debt, strategic investments and equity
  • Leverage their network and build their team to support the fundraising process
Tera Johnson Food Finance Institute Consultant Training

Equip Your Team With The Right Resources

Having The Right Resources Can Mean The Difference Between Food Business Success and Failure

Our premium subscription for teams gives your team access to our entire constantly growing library of resources, including all of our premium business model optimization reports, on-demand courses and premium videos, allowing them to better help the food and farm entrepreneurs that they serve.

Edible-Alpha® Premium Subscription