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Deep Dive: Building a Valuable Food Brand


Katie Mleziva of Real Food Brands guides you through her 3 step framework to develop a brand strategy: Define, Align, and Activate. Following these steps and the exercises within the course workbook will help you set your brand apart and fill your consumers’ needs in a way your competitors can’t or won’t.

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About the Instructor

Katie Mleziva is a Brand Strategist and host of the Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast. She has nearly 20 years of experience in Brand Management and Marketing across a range of popular brands from Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods to local startups. Katie is driven to help natural food company leaders create clearly defined brands so they can shake up shopping carts and get good food into the hands of more people.

Who Should Take This Course

Food, beverage, and value-added farm founders, entrepreneurs, or marketing leaders of all stages who want to define (or refine) your brand strategy, as well as food industry consultants, will find value in the course to:

  • Define the key pieces of brand strategy within the 3C’s: Competitor snapshot, Consumer profile, and Company vision, while considering your brand’s unfair advantages, pillars, and personality.
  • Align the front end and back end of your business around your brand strategy, including how your strategy can help keep your team engaged.
  • Activate your brand strategy in all areas of your business, including how to create an Integrated Marketing Plan (vs jumping straight to tactics) and ensure your team is aware that your brand is more than a logo and there is a consistent look and feel to communicate and maintain across your business.

What’s Included In This Course

  1. 50-minutes of content broken into 5 actionable lessons focused on Katie’s 3-Step Framework for building a valuable food brand.
  2. Real Food Brand’s Brand Checkup Questions. Complete this checklist to see what areas of your brand strategy are getting attention and what areas need attention.
  3. The Building A Valuable Food Brand Workbook, which includes 9 actionable exercises to help you take steps towards building your brand strategy.

Brand strategy is not something you should do next, it’s important to do it first so you can align all of your business activities to work together to grow your brand equity, set your brand apart, drive loyalty and build a valuable brand! Watch an intro video about the course here!

Unlimited Learner Pass holders or purchasers of the course  – navigate to the course here