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Our tools and templates help you do the work that you need to do. These include excel sheets for managing cash flow and examples of projected proforma financial statements as well as outlines of fundraising requests in both a narrative and presentation (PowerPoint) format. These are currently premium (paid) only. Learn more about our Premium Subscription to unlock everything Edible-Alpha® has to offer.

Forecast Templates

Free forecast templates by Edible-Alpha®

These helpful templates help you build your financial projections, including, your sales and distribution forecast; cost of goods sold (COGS) and other expenses forecasts; capital expenditures forecasts; and your accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and inventory forecasts. These projections can help inform your proforma financial statements.

Pricing Through Distribution Worksheet

Free tool by Edible-Alpha®

Food and Beverage producers should always work backwards from the selling price to determine the wholesale price. Sometimes both retailer and distributor margins can be lower in certain competitive product categories and in large scale conventional distributors and retailer. However, it is difficult to sustain at a Gross Margin Contribution of less than 35%.
Legal Documents

List of Documentation For Approaching Lenders and Investors

Free checklist by Edible-Alpha®

Much of the difficult part of raising money is putting together the requested documentation for lenders and investors. This includes everything from tax documents to sell sheets to simulated proforma financial statements with realistic assumptions about the company's growth.

Tool or Template about Raising Capital for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

Raising Capital

Outline Of A Funding Request for a Food or Beverage Business

Free template by Edible-Alpha®

The focus of the narrative request for funding is to substantiatehow much of what kind of money the company needs and for what purpose. This should be done after other documentation and should be relatively brief to make it easy for lenders/investors to read. It should supplement other materials present in the financial package, like the pitch deck.
Farm Landscape

Outline of a Farm Business Plan and Funding Request

Free template by Edible-Alpha®

While the sections of this document are similar to a business plan, this is NOT a business plan. Think of all of the contents of a drop box or other online file sharing service as the full business plan. This is a specific ask for money for a specific project. It is important that all of the numbers are the same as the ones in the accompanying Proforma financial statements.

Tool or Template about Raising Capital for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

PoSaNa Investor Showcase Presentation

poSaNa Example Investor Pitch Presentation

Free investor pitch example by Edible-Alpha®

poSaNa organics is a manufacturer of best-in-class gluten-free cooking and baking mixes wholesaling to grocers and retailing directly online. This pitch deck is an example of an optimized pitch deck template to successfully raise money and communicate the company's business model.

Tool or Template about Raising Capital for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

Women Giving Presentation

Investor Pitch Deck Template

12 Free powerpoint slides by Edible-Alpha®

This deck provides the standard outline of topics that any food, beverage or value-added farm business would need to pitch investors on their business model. The main goal of the presentation is to communicate the vision, strategy, and business model enough to capture the investor attention and interest.

Tool or Template about Raising Capital for businesses that are Growing and Scaling

Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template

Free template by Edible-Alpha®

Cash is not the same thing as net income, and most food companies burn up more of their cash on their balance sheet than on their income statement. This template helps model projected cash flow to help businesses properly manage cash.

Tool or Template about Operations for businesses that are Startups | Growing and Scaling