FFI Scholarship Opportunities

The Food Finance Institute’s Edible-Alpha® Learning Center offers an array of training geared towards growing profitable food, farm, and food system enterprises. In order to increase access to our paid trainings we offer scholarships that cover up to 100% training costs for those who are:

  • Pre-revenue or have been in business less than two years
  • A member of an underserved community

**We encourage applicants to pay some percentage of the training cost themselves when feasible, as this helps us spread the available funds across multiple applications.**

Pay it Forward

If you would like to make a contribution to our Pay it Forward scholarship fund you can do so by visiting the UW Foundation website.

You can also reach out to Penny Molina, partnership manager, penny.molina@business.wisconsin.edu.

Thank you to those businesses who have helped Pay it Forward like: Saffi FoodsThe Honest BisonGarfield Produce, and Nutkrack.

FFI Scholarship Request Form

To request a scholarship to support your attendance at an upcoming FFI training please complete this form.

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  • Please link to the training page you are interested in
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  • Demographic Information

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  • What geographic location(s) does your business primarily serve?
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The Food Finance Institute reviews Edible-Alpha® scholarship requests on a rolling basis.

Please note: funds are limited, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and might be awarded for less than requested if demand is high. We do our best to fundraise to grow our pay it forward scholarship fund to support our early stage and pre-revenue businesses.

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