Black Earth Meats Evolves Into Conscious Carnivore

The Conscious Carnivore

In Edible-Alpha® Podcast Episode #8, Part 2, Tera talks with Bartlett Durand of Conscious Carnivore, a whole animal butcher shop in Madison, WI. Bartlett talks about how Black Earth Meats (Black Earth, Wisconsin) evolved into Conscious Carnivore.  This quote is posted for the benefit of all involved:

“We honor these animals, because by their death, we gain life.”

Bartlett talks about the craft of cutting meat takes a long time to learn, and how because Black Earth Meats operated at a human scale that honored the humans and the animals, his employees and animals were happy.  However, the town of Black Earth eventually forced Black Earth Meats to shut down its operations.  Conscious Carnivore remains open and thriving, educating people about where their meat comes from and how to cook it.  Bartlett also talks about the model of community investing and management ownership in opening more Conscious Carnivore stores, as well as his current legal practice helping distressed businesses.