Building Investment Cases for Regenerative Farming

Farming is hard work, but financing a new organic or regenerative endeavor is its own beast. Land can be expensive and tough to access, long-term capital is hard to come by and operating lines of credit for farms are scarce. Plus, private-equity investors don’t exactly line up behind aspiring farmers. Overall, investors and creditors tend to consider beginning farmers, as well as BIPOC and other socially disadvantaged farmers, just too risky.
Sadly, these financial barriers end up dissuading many people from giving farming a shot—which stinks, because the world desperately needs more regenerative and organic farmers. With the climate crisis intensifying and the food system begging for reinvention, we need stewards of the land to replenish nutrient-depleted soil, revitalize ecosystems, sequester carbon and produce high-quality nutritious foods.
Fortunately, the sands are starting to shift. There is a growing understanding that in order to scale regenerative and organic agriculture, we must invest in farmers. They need access to capital that actually meets their needs, which may look a lot different than traditional financing.
FFI has been working to advance this notion for years, but Edible-Alpha® Live! guest David Miller was way ahead of the curve. Merging his expertise in banking and real estate financial management with his passion for expanding organic agriculture, David co-founded Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT back in 2007. Through long-term farmland leases, mortgages, credit lines and other financing tools, the company helps organic farmers secure land while offering mission-based investors impactful places to put their money.
Now FFI and Iroquois Valley are partnering on an exciting new project to support new and diverse farmers and make their ventures more attractive to investors and lenders. Through a $387,000, three-year USDA Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program grant, FFI and collaborators have launched a financial technical assistance program to coach beginning farmers on business models, raising money and hitting financial benchmarks.
Over time, the program will track the performance of 45 farmers from Iroquois Valley’s loan portfolio and Black Oak Center’s farm incubator program, which represents a historically Black farm community. The hope is that by helping these farmers succeed, they’ll become solid investment cases that can open the door for more capital in the future.
Sweeping change to long-held practices does not happen overnight, whether it’s farming techniques or investment strategies. But the more it can be demonstrated that this new paradigm of agriculture and financing actually works, the easier it will become for regenerative and organic farmers, backed by impact investors, to change the world.

Edible-Alpha® Live! featured Tera’s interview with David Miller, co-founder and CEO of Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT, which was impact investing long before it was cool. The 14-year-old farmer-focused finance company helps organic farmers secure land long-term while giving mission-minded investors a way to do well by doing good. With a mission to scale up organic agriculture and restore America’s nutrient-depleted soils, Iroquois Valley is just getting started.

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