Building Yumbutter Into a National Nut and Seed Butter Brand


In Episode 1 of the Edible-Alpha® podcast, Matt D’Amour, Co-Founder and Chief of Yumbutter™, talks about the concept of a brand in general and the importance of having multiple things that distinguish your food brand so you can remain defensibly unique.  In this interview, he talks about the challenges of growing a national food brand and the importance of raising the right amount of money (usually more than you think) to support the roll-out of your national brand in grocery stores.

Matt also talks about the social impact of Yumbutter™ and how that is hardwired into their DNA as a certified B-Corp, something that other brands lack.  However, he talked about their customers first and foremost caring about the quality of their product and how the social impact of what they do figures in to the hierarchy of their messaging to consumers.

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