Essential Questions and Steps For Food Startups

Road Map For Food Businesses

All food and beverage businesses have an overwhelming amount of stuff that they have to sort through, decide and act on to start and launch their business. Adam Haen, the Manager of Feed Kitchens, a shared-use commercial kitchen and food business incubator, walks new and aspiring food and beverage business owners through the plethora of considerations, everything from incorporation to permits to designing your business to be defensibly unique.

See below some helpful checklists for food business owners as they seek to get off the ground. In addition, see our podcast interview with Adam about his experience working with food entrepreneurs at FEED.

  • Road Map Checklist For New Food Entrepreneurs – The nitty-gritty detailed list of nearly everything you should consider as you start and grow your food business. It’s questions and steps run the gamut from outlining your business idea to proper pricing to anticipating and managing growth.
  • FEED Commercial Member Application Checklist – The checklist that Adam gives to every new commercial member of the FEED shared-use kitchen when they apply for membership. This gives you an idea of what to expect when utilizing a shared-use kitchen as well as some of the necessary next steps – like permits – that are essential to getting startup food businesses off the ground.

Listen to our Interview With Adam Haen