Food Business Brands Evolve With The Consumer

Flavor Temptations

In Edible-Alpha® episode #18, Tera talks with Sara Parthasarathy and Partha Sabniviss, the married couple behind Flavor Temptations, an organic Indian recipe pack brand. Each recipe pack includes a traditional Indian recipe with the exact amounts of fresh, organic spices needed to cook the recipe. Sara and Partha talk about how their product is unique because it helps their customers unleash their creativity to make the meals their own, complete with bragging rights.

They began on a shoestring budget, making their logos in Microsoft Publisher and putting their product in Ziploc bags by hand, all at night while working full-time during the day. Originally branded as Ethnic Spicery, they changed their brand name to Flavor Temptations to fully communicate the joyful, family-building experience of making memories through Indian cooking so that their brand resonated more deeply with their target consumer.

They also changed their packaging to match their brand promise, better share their values and to stand out on grocery store shelves. Because Flavor Temptations products don’t fit neatly into existing product categories, their products are sometimes placed in different sections of the grocery store, including the Indian/ethnic foods section, the bulk spices section, the health/wellness section or even the produce section.

Demos have greatly helped them generate more sell-through at grocery stores and they now do demos at every store. Because their product can be intimidating to consumers, product demos help consumers realize how they can use the product to cook authentic Indian meals. They have recently expanded their product mix to include food service at grocery stores, supplying larger quantities of ingredients to those chefs. Flavor Temptations is honored to be one of 10 businesses in the 2017 Wisconsin Food and Beverage Association’s FaBCap accelerator to help aid them as they continue to grow.