Wisconsin Food Processing Guide

Wisconsin Food Processing Guide

Click here to download the Wisconsin Food Processing Guide which provides a reference for many of the practical, legal and marketing elements of getting into value-added food.

Authors Jenifer A. Buckley and Elena M. Byrne worked with UW-Extension, the Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and FaB Wisconsin to identify the latest research, regulatory information and sources of help for people interested in starting and growing a food and beverage business. Their goal is to help spur innovation in Wisconsin’s food processing sector.

New food processing ventures are subject to more demands than some other businesses—especially around regulation and food safety, which makes the new publication particularly valuable to entrepreneurs.

The Wisconsin Food Processing Guide covers a wide array of topics, such as regulations and licensing, selecting a food processing facility, developing products, buying equipment, labeling and packaging, and addressing special food categories such as gluten-free and organic. It answers entrepreneurs’ questions about marketing, as well as insurance and liability issues, and concludes with potential exit strategies when the time comes to close or sell the business.

If you would like a physical copy of the guide, please visit UW Extension’s Learning Store.