Huddle Notes from October 12th, 2020

The huddles this month focused on an innovative kelp farming business out of Maine, holiday shopping trends, and how America is preparing for winter during COVID times. Listen to the full meeting here.

Talking Points

  • New Podcast: Atlantic Sea Farms, kelp farm in Maine
    • Started as an economic development project. Lobster fishermen not active in winter and is an industry that will be greatly impacted by climate change – proactive idea to start kelp farming.
    • Kelp sequesters more carbon than any plant that grows on land. It also creates a microbiome underneath it which allows shellfish to produce hard shells again, the pH levels of the oceans are causing shellfish to produce softer shells.
    • Successful but put the cart before the horse, no market for kelp.
    • Created a brand for fermented kelp and got high end chefs to introduce the products.
  • Holiday Shopping Trends
    • Forward looking retailers are looking for ways to avoid the crush of holiday shopping – who is going to go to a store with tons of people?
      • Starting to bring in holiday items much sooner than they have in the past
      • 45% of people said they would be doing all of their shopping online for the holidays
      • Click and collect trend is still the most popular method for shopping
    • Winter Preparation – General
      • Hygge – People are preparing for serious comfort this winter
      • Getting bored with cooking every day. Seeking upscale comfort food recipes.
      • Running out of ideas/activities to do with children
      • More are cleaning their own homes due to lack of comfort having someone come into their home to clean – making more conscious choices on cleaning products.


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