Pandemic Pivot: Finding New Business Opportunities

Whether it has decimated revenue or caused sales to skyrocket, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every food and farm business in some way, shape, or form. This crisis changed consumer behavior and food-buying patterns in an instant, and it is yet unclear which shifts will be short-lived and which will be permanent as our nation next weathers an economic downturn. Faced with so many unknowns about the future, entrepreneurs have been trying to determine the best way forward—or if they should even push forward at all.

But for all the roadblocks this situation has caused for food and agriculture businesses, it has also opened up new opportunities. That is why, over the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot about shifting strategies in response to the pandemic and predicted recession. While some entrepreneurs have gotten lucky, stayed successful, and haven’t had to change much about their business, countless others have been forced to reexamine their business models and figure out new ways to persevere through the pandemic.

For many, this has meant launching an e-commerce platform to compensate for sales lost from restaurants, retail, farmers’ markets, or corporate clients. And for companies that already had an omnichannel strategy and the infrastructure in place to sell direct-to-consumer before the pandemic, it has meant focusing more attention on and directing more resources toward their online business.

But there are other ways to pivot beyond just ramping up e-commerce. Some entrepreneurs, for example, are tweaking their product portfolios to better align with current consumer needs and shopping patterns.

When our latest podcast guest, Kate Flynn of Sun & Swell Foods, realized that demand for nutritious grab-and-go snacks is much lower now that consumers are working from home and not running from one activity to the next, her company began selling snacks in larger pantry-size bags. Sun & Swell also saw opportunity in the nuts, seeds, fruits, and other ingredients used to make their products. Since grocery stores have almost universally closed down their bulk sections—and there is chatter that some conventional supermarkets may never reopen them—they started selling ingredients in bulk, as pantry staples, directly to consumers. Now they are even adding new bulk ingredients to their lineup, beyond those needed to make their snacks.

Sun & Swell is an excellent example of finding silver linings in an otherwise dismal situation, and it’s quite possible that their strategy pivot and new focus will turn out bigger than their original business. We hope other food and farm entrepreneurs will find inspiration in this story and take a close look at their own business models and product portfolios to discover new avenues.

What could you offer consumers that you don’t currently? If once-lucrative sales channels have dried up, are there others you can pursue, such as subscription meal kits or the small grocery markets some takeout restaurants have set up? Or, if you’ve always sold to consumers, might there be B2B opportunities to consider? Can you partner with another business on distribution, marketing, or combined product offerings?

FFI is here to help businesses with self-examination and finding ways to keep the doors open. Our weekly virtual huddles are a great resource as well, as they connect entrepreneurs and consultants to share knowledge, answer questions, and generate ideas for finding success during these crazy times.

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