The Potential Power of Impact Investing

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After a long delay due to COVID-19, Edible-Alpha® Live! finally happened—virtually—last Wednesday to showcase the many ways impact investing can transform our food system. The event featured lively interviews with pioneering food and agriculture founders, early-look business presentations from up-and-coming innovators and lightning talks from key stakeholders—each illustrating the power and potential of impact investing.
In Tera’s kickoff keynote, she outlined why food and ag entrepreneurs need impact investment now. With the global pandemic exposing supply chain issues and catastrophic weather events making the threat of climate change painfully obvious, farmers, ranchers and even food manufacturers can play a vital role in mitigating the looming peril.

However, myriad misconceptions about these businesses, their founders’ capabilities and what can be achieved are stymying much-needed financial backing. Tera busted these myths one by one, explaining the real potential of mission-driven food and ag enterprises when given the right kind of support.
For investors to truly help these companies and initiatives achieve their impact goals, they may need to shift their mindset, especially if coming from tech, energy or another sector. The food industry is filled with nuances that don’t always jive with conventional investment strategy. The timetables can be much slower than other industries, the growth projections more modest. And when a company’s aim is to make the planet a better place while also making a profit, patience is the operative word for investors.
Also, impact-driven food and ag enterprises are far from cookie cutter. They come in a wide range of business models and employ many different strategies, each with a unique set of funding needs. There are virtual brands that source directly from farmers, for example, as well as “ag in the middle brands” that, out of necessity, have taken on processing on top of growing. There are also food-related social enterprises, organizations working to scale regenerative agriculture, and other distinct business models.
In many cases, these endeavors can secure the same kinds of funding as most businesses or initiatives: SBA loans, government grants, bank loans for specific infrastructure purchases, etc. But they also have other needs that can’t be served by conventional financing alone. Therefore, for impact investors to maximize their support, they must dig in and really learn about each opportunity. From there, they can determine whether their specific asset offerings are the best fit, whether that’s real estate, unsecured working capital, equity in a growing company or another option.
Food and ag entrepreneurs must do their homework too. They should know their business proposition, numbers, needs and mission inside and out and be able to communicate them clearly. Similarly, they should explore what each potential investor has to offer, realizing that they too differ greatly in terms of the support they can extend—and knowing some may not be the right fit. Finally, both founders and investors must map out together what they aim to achieve and agree on tracking metrics.

When working together, there is immense opportunity for impact investors and founders to make a real difference in the world—and to make some real money. It just takes both sides really understanding each other’s needs and wants and becoming partners in a common mission.

Listen to Tera’s keynote here!

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