Level 1 and Level 2 Consultant Training (February & March 2024)

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Level 1 Consultant Training provides an in-depth look at what food, beverage and value-added farm businesses need to do to optimize their business model and capital structure for profitability. Level 2 builds on Level 1 by helping participants navigate the process of raising appropriate debt, strategic investments, and equity investments in food, beverage and value-added farm businesses.


MVP Series Workshop: eCommerce Management (June 2024)

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This workshop will help you develop your eCommerce strategy and learn how Amazon (and/or other strategic partner sites) can maximize your business potential. Learn how to leverage best practices on Amazon to build your eCommerce business strategy.

FFI MVP Series Workshop: Risk & Legal Management (October 2024)

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In this workshop, you will learn why risk (and risk management) is important to business growth. Businesses without risk are not businesses, they are non-profits. Or stated another way: to achieve above average returns requires taking on business risk (wisely).