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Our courses help you and your clients get up to speed about everything you need to know to build and fund a profitable food business. Take them at your own pace as a stand alone mini-course or in junction with our other trainings. Learn more about our Premium Subscription to unlock everything Edible-Alpha® has to offer.

Building a Valuable Food Brand Course

50 minutes of Paid training by Edible-Alpha®

Edible-Alpha® has paired up with Katie Mleziva of Real Food Brands to bring you a 50-minute course on how to build a valuable food brand. This course uses Katie’s 3 step framework to develop a brand strategy: Define, Align, and Activate. Following these steps and the exercises within the course workbook will help you set your brand apart and fill your consumers’ needs in a way your competitors can’t or won’t.

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Getting Your Food Products Online On-Demand Course

1 hour of FREE course content by Edible-Alpha®

Sarah Larson uses her 15+ years of experience working to sell food to provide this overview on starting or growing your online sales.

13-Week Rolling Cash Flow: Forecasting & Debt On-Demand Course

1 hour of FREE course content by Edible-Alpha®

This on-demand course features FFI Director, Tera Johnson, walking you through how to use the Food Finance Institute's 13-week cash flow template. We are offering this course for free as there is an immediate need for all businesses to manage their cash amid this pandemic.
What Your Food Business Business Financial Statements Are Telling You Online Course

What Your Food Business Financial Statements Are Telling You On-Demand Course

2 hours of Paid course content by Edible-Alpha®

This course provides a review of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement from the perspective of lenders/investors and from the perspective of making management decisions about your business.

Fearless Farm Finances (The Book And Online Videos)

5+ hours of Free video (Book is Paid) by Edible-Alpha®

The updated Fearless Farm Finances 2nd Edition is a one-of-a-kind resource packed with instructions, tips and tools for setting up and managing a farm's financial system. Fearless Farm Finances covers farm financial management, farm data collection/organization, farm investment analysis, enterprise budgets, annual budgeting, business structure decisions, and more.

Books or Guide about Operations for businesses that are Growing and Scaling